The Red-T Organisation

What is Red-T?

Red T

Red-T is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of translators and interpreters in conflict zones.

Why do Translators and Interpreters need help?

Translators and interpreters are confronted with varying degrees of distrust, discrimination, and threats from all sides, because they work in conflict zones. For example, interpreters in Iraq must wear face masks to avoid being kidnapped or labeled as traitors and killed when they return to their communities. In the United States, linguists have been held legally responsible for the content they translate.

What does Red-T do?

Red-T advocates on behalf of translators and interpreters at risk and gives them an opportunity to inform the public about their true role, this includes:

  • informing the public about the risks translators and interpreters take in conflict zones
  • organizing, conducting, and/or sponsoring public events and lectures
  • encouraging discussion about issues and providing a forum for the exchange of ideas
  • raising awareness of Red-T, its logo, and its goals, in order to secure worldwide recognition and more…

Red-T is a nonprofit organization and everybody can get involved to help.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about what Red-T is doing, check the website:



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